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Nancy Campbell

Ireland Group
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Nancy Campbell – Outgoing, Caring, Customer-focused!

Nancy Campbell started her real estate career by working with Grand Rapids Realty as an Inside Sales Agent. If you ask Nancy why she chose this path, her answers are many, but they all have a theme … FAMILY. Nancy’s desire is to help your family build equity by buying a home and connecting you with a qualified agent to help you with that purchase. She has been an entrepreneur for most of her life and understands the value of having a professional help you with life-changing events, like buying a home.

As someone who once rented, I learned that paying the landlord’s mortgage wasn’t helping me or my family. My desire is to help other families recognize this and enter into being proud, equity-building homeowners.


* Inside Sales Agent


* Connecting You with a Quality Agent
* First Time Home Buyers
* Renters that Aren’t Sure They Want to Own
* Current Homeowners Looking for more Space
* Families Helping Parents Find a New Space

Service Area

* West Michigan


* Family
* Walking with Her Pets
* Traveling
* Vacationing